Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Why Am I Doing This?

Not that anybody asked, but I thought I'd put up an explanation for why I created this site, the reason for the giveaways and my overall gear philosophy. 
I've (roughly) outlined my reasoning on the About page, but I think it bears repeating and some additional explanation.

First, I have a stubborn belief that you can easily accomplish 90% of what you might ever realistically do with EDC gear (knives, flashlights, multitools, etc.) without spending more than $50 on any one piece of equipment. I am very open to other opinions on this, but from my experience, this is the case. 

Of course, there are times where you might need some kind of extreme functionality, or a highly specialized item for something you are doing. In that case, my $50 cutoff may not necessarily apply. Or maybe you really like and appreciate high-end materials or custom work. In that case, the $50 limit is also not really going to work, except in a few rare instances. 

This is not to say that I hate the idea of ti framelock folders with elmax blades, or 1,000 lumen hand-cannon flashlights with the latest emitters. I definitely don't hate any of that. The upper end of the gear spectrum is important, because without it, there wouldn't be much innovation in the middle or the bottom. 

But for most, the "basic" stuff is going to be more than adequate and should be affordable at the same time. And $50 is probably a pretty generous number, as there is A TON of great gear available closer to $30. You could shop quite happily in that price category any number of places online and never run out of options. 

Over the years, I've bought up a small stash of things that would fit that description, and now I'm realizing how little some of it gets used. And rather than taking to ebay or sale sections on various forums, I decided it would be more fun to give it away to support the growth of this blog. As such, there's not a lot of "new" stuff in my pile, but not much of it is what I'd call junk, either. 

I don't have anything exotic, but there's at least 4 folding knives I'll give away, a few flashlights, and some other random stuff. I'm trying to declutter my "collection," essentially, and you can benefit by just visiting. 

My ultimate goal is to get enough ad revenue to permit the purchase of more gear which I will continue to give away, but I'm a ways off of that. I'm not looking to make a living by doing this, just to make enough to keep the review pipeline alive. Stuff like the Ganzo G720 is a good example of what I'd like to do regularly. That came into being because I was a) curious about the knife and b) it was like $20, so I bought one for the express purpose of a review and giveaway. I'm not going to get deep into steel chemistries or agonize over current draw. The forums are better at that than I am, and I'm not looking to duplicate that.

Bottom line, if you can benefit from a short, no-BS writeup and some pictures of everyman gear and gadgets, then that's what I want to be providing.  

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