About Equipmental

Equipmental's goal is to provide honest, straightforward reviews for all manner of useful, high-value items and equipment - EDC, camping and outdoor equipment, apparel, electronics, gadgets and more: the tools and toys of the modern gearhound. 

Beyond that, the site has two main objectives:
  1. To focus on items that offer above average "bang for buck".
    • For EDC, I try to adhere to a max pricepoint of ~$50.
  2. To host frequent giveaways of reviewed items*.
My reasoning for the EDC price limit is because the assortment of things at the $50 and below price is positively lousy with good options. I love high-end stuff too, but frankly that's not where I usually spend my own money. I find that the "budget" offerings will do 90% of what you need them to in all but the most specific/extreme cases, and offer fantastic capability for not a ton of money. And when it comes to giveaways, well, I just don't plan to keep everything I review, so I want to share things with the people who visit my site and read my ramblings.

My hope is that this becomes a fun, informative site offering valuable insights into the things we use.

*Sweepstakes & giveaway rules/disclaimer:

No purchase necessary. Must be at least 18. Legal residents of the US only. All items provided as-is. All items shipped via USPS unless otherwise noted. Be aware of all state and local laws relating to receipt and/or usage of said items as this is your responsibility. I am not liable for any issues that may arise once you take possession of giveaway materials.

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